Welcome to Leśna Oaza

We will be grateful for following the rules of these regulations, which is intended to ensure the peace and security of our guests


  1. The Guest undertakes to pay for the house the whole amount by cash/card plus the service of heating the pool water, plus utilities according to the meter reading, minus the advance payment

  2. The house is made available for the Guests after the payment for the stay has been made, together with guarantee deposit

  3. The guarantee deposit is refundable after the stay, in part not used to cover any damages arising during the rental. If the deposit does not compensate for the damage, the Guest is obliged to cover it completely on the day the cottage is delivered

  4. The service of heating water in the pool above 22 degrees is carried out on request and at the cost of the Guest (PLN 30/1 dgr)

  5. CHECK IN: from 16.00 CHECK OUT: till 10.00

  6. We reserve the right to refuse our service of:

  1. being visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  2. behaviors that behave aggressively in a vulgar way

  1. Compliance with fire regulations, cleaning during rental belongs entirely to Guests

  2. Cancellation of the rental or its shortening (regardless of the reason), failure to collect the house within a specified period (no later than 12 midnight of the first day of rental) is considered a withdrawal from the contract. The down payment is not refundable under any circumstances, and the additional costs incurred shall be paid by the Guest

  1. Interruption/shortening of stay by guests does not burden the landlord financially

  2. Parents or guardians are obliged to look after their children throughout Leśna Oaza Please pay special attention to the playground and near the ponds

  1. Please do not throw garbage, stones, caught fish in the lake, into the ponds

  2. The Guest may not lend or give the holiday home to other people. Larger number of people than assigned to a given house, can stay in the house only with consent of Leśna Oaza

  3. Visitors (not renting a house) can stay in Leśna Oaza between 8:00 and 22:00 (with the consent of the owners)

  4. Please clean up after your animals and take them out of the Leśna Oaza for their physiological needs. Movement of animals in the Leśna Oaza is allowed only on a leash

  5. Use the swimming pool and sauna only at your own risk. Children require absolute supervision of an adult. For safety reasons it is forbidden to run and jump from the pool edge to the pool as well as to drink alcohol and stay in the swimming pool and sauna in a state of intoxication.

  1. Please report unfortunate accidents and damages immediately.

  2. Smoking in the houses is strictly forbidden. Please use the covered terrace

  3. The silence of the night is valid from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am during which you, as well as other guests, have the opportunity to relax. It is forbidden to disturb the peace e.g. playing loud music without the consent of Leśna Oaza (or during quiet hours) or such behavior that can grossly disturb the peaceful stay of other guests

  4. The behavior of guests should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests. Leśna Oaza may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this principle

  1. An employee of Leśna Oaza is authorized to enter the house in order to remove the existing defect (also when no one is at home) and to check the pool and water parameters

  2. Towels and bedding can not be used outside the home. It is forbidden to spread bed linen, blankets and towels on thegrass and to bring the sun loungers outside Leśna Oaza

  3. For hygienic reasons and protection against unpleasant smell, please use plastic bags for kitchen Buckets

23. When using the fireplace, please use wood intended for the fireplace, otherwise the fireplace may be blocked, exploded or burnt. Do not forget to open the window! In case of any problems, we can help

  1. The house should be left in an orderly state in order to allow quick and efficient control: washed dishes and oven, rubbish collected into the general garbage at the parking lot

  2. It is forbidden to ride on lawns and parking is allowed only in the car park. The car park is free of charge and unguarded. The number of parking spaces in Leśna Oaza is limited (max two for a house)

  3. Leśna Oaza is not responsible for valuable objects left in the house or within Leśna Oaza

  4. Familiarizing yourself with the above regulations is the responsibility of each guest. Ignorance of the regulations does not absolve you from abiding by the rules

  1. Guest who do not comply with the regulations, disturb peace and also use the entrusted property in a mannerinconsistent with the regulation of Leśna Oaza may be financially charged and the stay shortened without the right to anyreimbursement of previously incurred fees

  2. If the key to the house or grill house is lost, the Guest will be charged fee of PLN 50

  3. On the day of the arrival the Guest is required to provide document with photo to confirm his identity (paragraph of 10.04.1974 on the population register and identity cards, Journal of Laws of 2001, No.87, item 960)

Have a nice holiday ! Hope you will visit Leśna Oaza again !